Special Cuvées - Crémant de Bourgogne Cuvée Dentelle - Wine

Grape varieties

The Cuvée Dentelle is a blend of a strict selection of Chardonnay, grape varietie of our House, vintage 2015: - 60% in Côte Chalonnaise, historical parcel Les Margotières (30 years old) - 40% in Haute Côte de Beaune, parcels La Justice and Les Ormeaux (10 years old)


Only the first 75% of pressing juices were selected by a progressive pressing. We elaborate our Cuvée in the Méthode Traditionnelle": - pneumatic presses of 50hl capacity with controlled, progressive increases in pressure - musts fined and settled out over 24 hours - fermentation stimulated with selected yeasts - vinification in vats thermo-regulated at 20°C - in-bottle effervescent bubble creation (méthode traditionnelle) and ageing in air-conditioned cellar at 15°C.


The Cuvée Dentelle, acquired its aromas and its typicality thanks to a minimum ageing of 24 months in bottle.


Timeless lace, traditional or modern, delicate, fragile and precious. In its image, the Cuvée Dentelle in its light gold dress, with light bubbles, reveals the essential nature of the subtles aromas of Chardonnay. It reveals the harmony of the delicacy and the freshness, pearls of our young parcels of 10 years old, and sweetness of our historical parcel. Cuvée Dentelle, symbol of sensuality and refinement, passion and our knowledge.

Food Pairing

Refined for the aperitif, it will also pair your exotic desserts or vanilla.

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