Les Mousseux - Vin mousseux blanc de blancs - Wine

Grape varieties

The Vin Mousseux Blanc de Blancs méthode traditionnelle Vitteaut-Alberti is a blend from a selection of high quality white wines.


Maison Vitteaut-Alberti vinifies its Vin Mousseux Blanc de Blancs in méthode traditionnelle, at Rully in the heart of the vineyards of Burgundy: - vats thermo-regulated at 20°C - effervescent bubble creation in méthode traditionnelle in air-conditioned cellar at 15°C.


Aged on laths, the Vin Mousseux Blanc de Blancs méthode traditionnelle is available for sale after 12 months in bottle.


A brilliant, golden shade for this Vin Mousseux Blanc de Blancs, with persistent bubbles. The nose is intense with aromas of dried fruits, lightly honeyed. The palate has the flavours of ripe fruits. An attractive, full and pleasant ensemble for this Vin Mousseux Vitteaut-Alberti, achieved from the blending of selected regional grape varieties.

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